Gemma O’Brien Talk


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It is so inspiring to be amongst other like-minded creatives and last week’s ‘Defrost’ talk, at Frost, was no exception. The very talented Gemma O’Brien delivered a fantastic talk on the importance of authenticy and how the industry has evolved in response to brands all over the world demanding a more human and handcrafted approach. It was a wonderful reminder that technology is not always the answer and sometimes just putting pen to paper can achieve a much more heartfelt and engaging result.

Semi Permanent 2015

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2015 brought an incredibly talented lineup of creative speakers from all over the world to Semi Permanent last weekend and a few of our designers were lucky enough to attend the event. They shared some of the inspiring knowledge they learned over the 2 day conference with the team.

Friday’s event was highlighted by the WXD Panel including Editor in Chief Scott Dadich from Wired Magazine; Graphic Designer and Partner at Pentagram, Natasha Jen and Architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG. Natasha’s thought provoking talk resonated the most as she took us through her creative processes and included a few case studies with some extremely challenging obstacles and how she overcame these with persistence and calm.

The most fascinating speaker of the day was Denmark’s Bjarke Ingels, who took us through some of his most innovative and resource conscious projects while explaining the importance of play and playfulness in design. One of the projects he discussed was how he will resolve Copenhagen’s excess waste issue into a waste-energy powerplant and combine this structure with a 31,000-square-metre ski slope that will trail down the roof, allowing it to double-up as a new visitor attraction.

Melbourne’s The Company You Keep and illustrator Beci Orpin were also among the stellar lineup on Friday and both delivered some very engaging discussions on how they find their inspiration.

It’s a girl!!


When Claire packed up and left the studio on Friday afternoon after another busy week, little did we know Dylan would be joining us the next day!

Cute as a button with a shock of black hair, Dylan Jean is the newest honorary member to the Boheem team.

Congratulations to Claire, Aaron and big sister D’arcy. We all look forward to watching this little lady grow.

From Farm to Cup: Belaroma’s Coffee Process


Surely nothing says “2010’s cafe” better than some fancy chalkboard type and accompanying hand drawn illustrations. We created this masterpiece to sit front and centre at the Belaroma headquarters: it’s their unique and meticulous coffee making process, from farm to cup. We’re so excited to see it up and finished, hurrah! Well done to the Boheem Team, in particular Kat (another design project she left as part of her amazing legacy!) and Emily.


A sad day for Boheem


They say all good things must come to an end. Don’t know if I believe that entirely, but I suppose in my heart I had to know that Kat wasn’t going to be part of the Boheem Team forever and ever.

Today was this dear girl’s last day with us. Kat has found an exciting opportunity to bring some variation to her career path and explore a different aspect of design, and will be working just up the road in a studio similar in size to ours. Those of us left behind are pretty devastated, as anyone who’s worked with this vibrant, and incredibly talented young woman will appreciate.

Thanks, Kat, for everything you’ve brought to this little family. Your utterly contagious positivity, your unending creativity and your generous spirit. You’ve been with us through some really significant times in Boheem’s history, and we know that this place will be experiencing a Kat-shaped void for quite some time. We think you’re completely wonderful and wish you all the best in what’s ahead.

True Detective


I’ve recently enjoyed watching the first (and only, so far) season of True Detective. It’s great, I highly recommend it. Particularly enjoyable was the opening sequence – seductive, eerie layerings of still photography partnered with simple and beautiful typography. Was so taken by it that I looked up who was the genius behind it… and low and behold, it’s Patrick Clair of Antibody – just down the street!  They’re located in Chippendale and have created a host of successful video reels for numerous national and international TV series and other film studios. Inspiring stuff!


The Club of Odd Volumes

theclubofsmallvolumes01 theclubofsmallvolumes02


We designers love a bit of home or fashion DIY. And we also love that options for print-your-own gifts have come a long way since the days of cheap looking calendars and heavy builders mugs featuring cheesy family portraits. The Club of Odd Volumes is a great little online store where not only you can buy one of many gorgeous tees, totes and tea towels, you can also upload your own design to be printed on the item of your choice in Melbourne and delivered within days. Kass has already tried and tested the system, and the results were great – print quality and service gets a thumbs up from us! Check them out here:

A Fairy Queen on a Trampoline




Kids make great artists – all that endless time-to-kill and unencumbered creativity. When I asked my 4yo what she was drawing recently she said ‘a fairy queen on a trampoline’ as if it should be the most obvious thing in the world.

I have since heard about a wonderful mother/daughter collaboration whereby illustrator Mica Angela draws the head and face and her 4yo daughter completes the body. The outcomes are imaginative and whimsical – a dino-man, mouse-lady, mermaids and peacock-people.

The process of collaboration, letting go, not being so rigid in a particular project or process is really the essence of creativity. After looking over these lovely illustrations I have made a point of taking more notice of fairy queens on or off trampolines and other ingenious musings – you just don’t know when they might come in useful.

You can read more about Mica here:

Social Media Playing by the Rules



Social Media – Playing by the Rules, is a publication hot off the press designed by Boheem for John Holland Marketing and Axis Legal. This project was a fascinating read as we worked through designing each of the chapters.

The risk vs reward of social media in a business context is discussed, with many relevant and in some cases high profile case studies. Social media done well can have a significant impact on the success and reach of a business, however when an careless approach is taken or when social media falls into the wrong hands the outcomes can be detrimental and costly.

The book was offset printed 2 colour Pantone with a die cut ‘O’ on the cover.


Blog_Dog3 Blog_Dog2 Blog_Dog1
We recently worked on a new brand for an online pet supplies store, and during the research phase we got just a tad caught up in what kind of fascinating creative projects involving pets which people have immersed themselves in. Carly Davidson is a photographer with a love for animals and an amazing skill for capturing them on film. A couple of years back she launched a book featuring 130 full page portraits called “Shake”; surely it’s the perfect gift for anyone who has a special place in their heart for ‘man’s best friend’.

This series of photographs and associated HD slow-motion videos are both hilarious and captivating. You MUST click through to watch these slobbery flapping beasts in action; I guarantee you won’t be able to stop at just one:

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