There’ll be a gap indeed in the Boheem Studio for the next couple of months. Chantel is heading overseas to London on a Boheem-endorsed self-discovery design adventure. She’ll be taking her laptop and after a little holiday in Europe will be settling down in a corner of London where she’ll be meeting UK designers, getting involved in local design events, seeking short-term work experience in London agencies, and just generally absorbing what’s really happening in design and creative culture on the other side of the world. It follows Kass and Claire’s 3 month ‘sabbaticals’ in New York, when each director took time out to allow themselves to be influenced and inspired by the goings-on in the Big Apple. Check out Claire’s blog here: . We’re hoping that Chantel finds plenty to write home about: head back to this page in a couple of weeks to find out what she’s been up to. We can all live vicariously through her for a while.

Later this year, Mei will be heading to New York for an experience of her own as well. They grow up so fast, don’t they?